The pros and cons of being a pet sitter

As a pet sitter in Denton County, Texas (we cover Highland Village, Flower Mound, Double Oak, Lewisville, Lantana, and Copper Canyon), I am of course biased when I say pet sitting is the best job ever.

But, even I can admit there are some cons as well. Here is my list:


Taking care of the pets

Yes, working with animals all day is great. You get snuggles and kisses while petting and playing with an endless number of cats and dogs.

Variety on the pet sitting job

No day is ever the same. You are always visiting different pets and a huge variety of pets. We pet sit for dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, fish, reptiles, chickens, goats, and even bees.

Pet sitting is flexible

It really is a great job schedule. You have morning, midday, and evening shifts. But you also have all those times in between for yourself. You can run errands in the middle of the day when everyone is sitting in an office. Enjoy time in the pool at 2pm if you want! Or catch a movie! You aren’t racing home from work to cook dinner or let your own dogs out to go potty

Customer Service

I love working with the human clients as much as the pets. Become friendly with like-minded pet owners is always a pleasure.




Saying bye to pet sitting clients

Clients do move and pets do pass. You get very attached, as if the pets are your own family, and it is heart breaking to have them leave your life.

Poor pet care

There are the rare occasions when you discover that a pet is not being cared for properly. Sometimes it is a minor issue like a poor pet food choice. Other times it is someone neglecting to get proper medical care or keeping their pet crated too long or locked outside 24/7. It is tough facing these cases of neglect.

Pet sitting means long hours

Sure the schedule is flexible, but some days you can be working from 8am to 8pm. It can be exhausting work if you do it solo. Having a staff helps a lot with this issue.

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