Lewisville Cat Sitter Playing with Norman | The Pet Depot | Highland Village, TX

Meet Norman, a solid black kitty! (I have such a fondness for all black cats!) In his video debut, Norman romps around in a chair chasing and catching his toy. You can hear those nails getting caught in the chair as he tries his hardest to catch and attack his toy. He sure loves to hunt his prey.


Being a professional cat sitter is such a joy and I love seeing my cat clients having such a great time. If you live in Highland Village, Lewisville, or Flower Mound, contact The Pet Depot to arrange for in-home cat sitting for your 4-legged family members. Check out the website for all the services offered in the care of your cats and your home. Details on my cat sitting services are available on my site.

Whether you have a shy cat, a social cat, or a special needs cat, The Pet Depot is the BEST choice for the care of your feline companion.

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