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How To Find A Pet Sitter Hero At The Last Minute

Winning over your pet sitter hero

As if the Santa, snowmen, and tree decor weren’t a good enough clue, a pet sitter can always tell when the holidays are near by the number of last-minute calls coming in. Sometimes pet owners just didn’t plan ahead. Other times, their friend bailed on them and now they are in a bind for pet care. Either way, last minute …

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Never Put a Single Drop of this on Your Cat: Flea & Tick Treatments

Flea and Tick Products

As a pet sitter in North Texas, I know that fleas and ticks are a big problem for cats. Even if your cat never goes outdoors, you may have a dog that can bring fleas inside. If you need to use a spot-on flea and tick product, it is crucial that you follow the package directions exactly. Misuse of Flea/Tick …

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Deadly New Dog Virus With No Vaccine or Cure: CircoVirus Attacks Boarding and Kennels

kennels and dog daycares at risk of new deadly virus

A new virus has been found in three states so far (California, Michigan, and Ohio) that is causing dogs to die. Symptoms include vomiting and diarrhea. Dog Boarding and Kennel Risk While there is no indication of how exactly it is spreading, dogs that are boarded frequently, in kennel situations, or spend a lot of time with larges groups of …

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Howl-oween has gone to the dogs and your Highland Village pet sitter is READY


Not sure what it is about the Fall that makes us all start catering to our dogs, but we can’t help ourselves. Maybe it is the cooler weather. Or the spirit of the Halloween holidays just begging us to put costumes on our pets. But pet owners and pet rescues are filling the weekends with events just for the dogs. …

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What happens during a cat sitting service in Highland Village?

Bella and Coco require a knowledgeable cat sitter

At The Pet Depot, we excel at out Cat Sitting Services. We happen to think cats need just as much care and compassion as our wonderful dog clients need. Here is a list of all that takes place when we visit a cat sitting client, whether you have a home with 1 cat or 10. Your Pet Depot Cat Sitter …

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How to prepare your home for hiring a pet sitter in Highland Village, TX?

Keep your dog sitting client out of trouble by keeping items picked up

As a professional pet sitter in Highland Village, I obviously think pet sitting is generally the most ideal option for your pets. After all, most pets will find it far more comfortable remaining at home. But, even while pets are happy at home, they can also get into trouble. Pet proofing in advance is important if you have a trouble-seeking …

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The pros and cons of being a pet sitter

As a pet sitter in Denton County, Texas (we cover Highland Village, Flower Mound, Double Oak, Lewisville, Lantana, and Copper Canyon), I am of course biased when I say pet sitting is the best job ever. But, even I can admit there are some cons as well. Here is my list: Pros Taking care of the pets Yes, working with …

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Why does my cat bite me while being petted?

Does your cat seem to bite you with no warning when you sweetly offering up some petting? This is often referred to as “petting induced aggression” and there are some steps to recognize the behavior as well as reduce it.   Cat Body Language I know the attack seems to come from nowhere, but cats do communicate their feelings through …

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Feeding Iams or Eukanuba? Procter & Gamble Pet Food Recall | Cat and Dog Food

P&G issued a pet food recall this week. Here is their official statement followed by the specific foods effected by this recall: CINCINNATI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Procter & Gamble Company (P&G) has voluntarily recalled specific lots of dry pet food because they have the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella. These lots were distributed in the United States and represent roughly one-tenth …

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Does my cat really need a pet sitter?

I received a call this week from someone looking for a pet sitter in Highland Village for her two cats. She really just wanted to know my rates. She said “oh, that is more than I want to spend. It is just two cats who only need food and water.” Wow! That always is hard for me to hear. In …

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